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Tamart: Powered by Love – an architect’s reinvention of his family’s design archives

Beedier talked to London based architect Amos Goldreich about his new venture, the launch of a range of modernist furniture based on his parent's original works>

The dogs of architecture

In our travels around UK & Irish Architecture, Beedier has noticed a widespread trend for including canine design team members on websites. So we spoke to a selection of these offices about what it means to have a dog in the workplace>

Beedier Social Media Zeitgeist – updated stats for March 2024

Our updated published Zeitgeist list reveals the social media growth patterns of all architecture studios in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Subscribe to see where your company appears in our list>

Architecture for a Changing World – the making of an exhibition

The planning of architectural exhibitions and events are major communications projects. We speak to Fliss Childs, Partner, and Anna Rank, Creative Producer at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios about their new initiative>

Women in architecture – current and future concerns

With International Women's Day approaching, Beedier crunched the numbers to explore the extent of female representation in the upper echelons of UK and Irish architecture. We then asked architectural leaders Nimi Attanayake, Laura Stephenson, and Pascale Sablan for their thoughts>

Editorial themes 2024 – a review of this year’s architectural media kits

We have read over 25 editorial media kits presented by the worldwide architectural press, and have dug out the themes by monthly edition to help guide your press strategy>

Music 2 Design 2: Welcome to Beedier’s weekly music playlist

Not everyone works while listening to music, but at Beedier our ears are often entertained while are hands and brains are moving. We thought it would be a bit of fun to share weekly Spotify playlists, and ask others to contribute too>

A detailed statistical review of the RIBA Regional Award 2024 shortlists

Beedier does it what it loves to do, and crunches that data created by the regional shortlists. Who has the most nominations, what are the most covered typologies, and more...>


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